PNC as the prime mover in the promotion, protection and sustenance of a nutritionally improved Quirino, with self sustaining people, who live in a happy, healthy and productive environment, through community united in action.



To foster convergence among stakeholders, through strengthened partnership, towards the provision of holistic and integrated programs and services, that will realize a healthy and well nourished community.



  1. Improved nutritional status of populace
  2. Self – sustained healthy community
  3. Strengthened partnership among stakeholders and end users/clients
  4. Readily accessible nutrition services



  1. Provides periodic statement of the provincial nutrition situation supplemented by the evolving situation among nutritionally high-risk groups.

  2. Formulates annual long term food and nutrition plans and programs which should be made as integral part of the Provincial Development Plan.

  3. Organizes/ strengthen nutrition committees at the local level.

  4. Organizes nutrition surveillance unit for provincial planning and program management at the local level.

  5. Designs and maintains a nutrition Data Bank.

  6. Provides leadership in nutrition advocacy training and education efforts.

  7. Coordinates/monitor/evaluates the implementation of the food and nutrition program in the province.

  8. Provides/generates financial, material and technical support for local government initiatives for the implementation of nutrition programs and project.

  9. Monitors and supervises the accomplishment of Local Nutrition Committees and the Municipal Nutrition Program Coordinators and the Barangay Nutrition Scholars.

  10. Coordinates/facilitates release of funds for nutrition and related programs and projects for both government and non-government agencies and entities involved in the implementation of the nutrition.

  11. Mobilizes the private sector to actively implement the nutrition program.

  12. Ensures effective and efficient utilization of program resources.




  1. Ensure efficient and effective secretariat services for the Provincial Nutrition Program by ensuring complete and accurate documents and data.

  2. Promote good nutrition among the general populace by organizing and coordinating Nutrition Information, Communication and Education (NICE) activities.


Programs, Projects, Activities & of the
Provincial Nutrition Committee &
PGO – Nutrition Division


  • Promotion of Good Nutrition
  1. 10 Kumainments/ Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos
  2. Pinggang Pinoy
  3. 1st 1000 Days of Child’s Life
  4. Breastfeeding
  • Pabasa sa Nutrisyon/ Health & Nutrition Classes
  • Capability Building
  1. Nutrition Program Management
  2. Infant & Young Child Feeding
  3. Child Growth Standard
  4. BNS Program
  5. Nutrition in Emergencies/Disaster
  • Child Growth Promotion & Monitoring
  • Ensure Functionality of Nutrition Committee
  1. Conduct of Nutrition  Planning, Advocacy, Meetings 
  2. Monitoring  and Evaluation of  nutrition program
  • Data Banking