M i s s i o n

In collaboration with NGAs, NGOs, and other line Agencies in agricultural development, the province shall undertake activities within a safe, healthy and environment friendly policy framework to modernize agriculture to ensure sustainable food production and profitability of farmers.

Vi s i o n

A self-sufficient province producing a surplus of the staple food and continue to sustain food production thru modernized and profitable agriculture.

G o a l s

To uplift the standard of living of farmers and fisherfolks by increasing the income above and beyond the prevailing poverty levels in the province.

O b j e c t i v e s

To ensure sustainability, availability of food supply in the province as much as everybody can afford to buy at all times by increasing productivity levels.

Different Agricultural Programs/Projects/Activities

I.Production Support Services

A. Crops Development program

1. Rice program

*Promotion of Latest Package of Technology

*Seeds Assistance

*Soil Ameliorants Distribution

-Muriate of Potash

-Zinc Sulfate


*Rice Hybridization Program

*Establishment of Technology Demonstration Projects with Field Days

-Local Farmer Technician

-Alternative wetting and drying

*Pigmented rice/upland rice program

-Establishmentof seed production area

-Production of pigmented/upland rice

-Inputs assistance

*Pest management and surveillance

*Farm mechanization

-Monitoring and inventory

-Assist farmers in the availment of farm machineries, irrigation facilitaties & post harvest facilities.

2. Corn Program

*Promotion of package of technology

*Seed assistance

*Promotion and implementation of soil conservation strategies

-Integration of other crops/livestock in the sloping area

-Establishment of hedgerows using leguminous crops fruit trees and other high value crops.

B. High Value Crops Development Program

1. Promotion of package of technology

2. Development of upland organic coffee project

3. Programang Gulayan in support to Anti-hunger mitigation program

4. Seed Assistance

5. Establishment of Technology Demonstration in partnership with farmers and other stakeholder (LGUs, NGOs, Private Sector)

6. Promote vermi composting (organic fertilizer production)

C. Fisheries Development Program

1. Promotion of package of technology

2. Production & dispersal of fingerlings at the Quirino Freshwater Fishfarm and Nursery, San Isidro, Diffun, Quirino.

3. Tilapia Fingerling Dispersal to Commercial Bodies of Water, Small Water Impounding Projects, Small Farm Reservoirs & Backyard Fishpond Projects.

4. Stock enhancement for open water stocking of elves and tilapia fingerlings.

5. Establishment of Techno Demo Projects with Field Days for successful techno demo projects

*Polyculture of tilapia, carp, and other fish species in ponds.

*Pond culture of tilapia with duckweed

*Ulang culture in ponds

*Rice-fish culture

*Upland Aquaculture- Culture of tilapia in fish terraces

6. Distribution of fishing gears & other fishing paraphernalia

7. Development of new sites for agribusiness lands

II. Extension Support Information and Education Campaign

1. Technical advisory service to walk in and on farm clients.

2. Conduct of technical briefings/trainings on the production of:



*High value crops


*Organic fertilizer

III. Post harvest Technology Development

1. Conduct trainings on:

*Value Adding Technology

*Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

IV. Regulatory Services

1. Rice program

8. Seed inspection and certification

D. Fisheries Development Program

*Establishment and Maintenance of fish sanctuaries

*Assistance in the preparation of barangay/municipal fishery ordinance

*Information and education campaign on RA 8550

*Conduct of Surveillance/foot partial along commercial bodies of water in coordination with Barangay officials, PNP and other agencies.

V. Institutional and Entrepreneurial Development/Cooperative Services

A. Cooperatives

*Conduct Pre Membership Education Seminar (PMES)

*Assist in the Organization of cooperatives and associations

*Cooperative Development Training

*Conduct/assist seminar and workshop aimed to strengthen the managerial capabilities of officers of various cooperative in the field of simple bookkeeping and accounting operations management financial and non-financial transaction

*Assist/coach cooperative NGOs & PO in the installation of their books of account

*Assist cooperative NGOs & Pos in the reconciliation of their books accounts

B. Farm Youth Development Program (4-H Club)


-4H Club

-4H Federation



*Volunteer Leader Association of the Philippines (VLAP)

*Youth Camp

*Assistance to livelihood projects

C. Farm Home Resource Management (RIC)

*Strengthening of women’s organizations

*Assistance to livelihood projects

D. Agricultural Marketing

*Assist in the establishment of BFT (Barangay food terminal)

*Assist BFTs in the installation pf their book of accounts (Sales and purchase book).

*Monitor Economic Activity of BFT

*Monitor prices of Agricultural products in the Market

*Market match produce of farmers

E. Agricultural and Fishery Councils (AFCs)

*Serve as Secretariat of AFCs