The Provincial Administrator’s Office primarily is tasked to assist in the implementation of the vision/direction, review of general supervision and management of provincial affairs and in the management, coordination and implementation of development projects and the delivery of the basic services in the province and in charge in the daily and regular administrative and internal operations of the province.

The office has Fifteen (15) employees: One (1) co-terminus, Five (5) permanent- Four detailed from other offices, two (2) consultants, Four (4) contractual and three (3) casuals.


  1. Ms. Elizabeth S. Nicolas – Provincial Administrator (OPAD)
  2. Mr. Reynaldo M. Galinato – SP Secretary & Asst. Provincial Administrator for Special Concern (SP OFFICE)
  3. Ms. Clarabel R. Agustin – Accountant III (OPAC)
  4. Ms. Mary Jane M. Agustin – Computer Programmer II (OPAD)
  5. Ms. Ellen S. Olivo – Cooperative Development Specialist I (OPAG)
  6. Ms. Marjorie C. Millo – Administrative Officer II (PBO)
  7. Engr. Aireen M. Ubas – Consultant for Infra
  8. Ms. Julie Ann P. Batoon – Consultant
  9. Mr. Charlie Gil P. Pagulayan – Contractual
  10. 10.  Mr. Harison C. Morales – Contractual
  11. Ms. Hazel P. De Guzman – Contractual
  12. Mr. Julie Tobias – Contractual
  13. Ms. Jakileen Joy L. Corpuz –  Contractual
  14. Mr. Allan Mina – Contractual
  15. Ms. Angelita G. Jimenez – Contractual

The PA office has Four (4) sections: The Administrative Section, Review Section, Internal Control Section and Monitoring/Coordination Section.


The Administrative Section is in charge of the administrative transaction such as receiving and releasing of communications for signature, information, review and action of the PA, frontline services, schedule appointments and meetings of the PA, management and training of personnel, Benefits, WeAccess (Institutional Banking in coordination with the Internal Control Unit), Local Area Networking and Website Updating and Monitoring (in coordination with the PGSO).

The Review Section is in charge of receiving and releasing of documents for signature of the PA, reviews the same and check its completeness in terms of supporting documents attached and signatories also its mathematical computations and compliance to existing rules, regulations and policies.

The Internal Control Unit is in charge of management in the financial matter of the province. Payments are charge accordingly to ensure that all disbursements of public funds are valid and proper.


Monitoring/Coordination Section is in charge in monitoring the utilization and maintenance of Heavy Equipment. Serve as coordinator in the I Love Quirino Caravan Project.

This office also handles and conducts review of the different projects of the province such as Infrastructure and other special projects. Review existing management processes and procedures (process review) which we develop and implement a system with regards to the documents submitted for signature, this is the referencing system – a set of document is numbered in the Document Tracking Slip for easy monitoring and tracking.

Another is the upcoming Management Audit which will be implemented and handled by this Office.